exit planning / value enhancement

preparing business for sale

Often, shareholders who want to sell their business are unable to obtain a selling price that matches their expectations and perceptions about business value. In addition to their emotional attitude to their own enterprise, which plays a role here, the objective reasons for this state are very important: low business operational efficiency, inadequate financing structure, imperfect management structure or lack of information or control mechanisms.
Thanks to our many years of experience in the field of M&A, restructuring and value enhancement, we are able to determine what business valuation is possible to achieve, as well as indicate an action program that will allow it over the next 2-4 years.
Within exit planning:

  • we review business strategy, its plans and directions – methods of achieving them, recommending changes in this area if necessary
  • we analyze in detail operations of the company, define areas that can be improved and necessary actions (revenue and customer structure, improvement of margins, optimization of distribution channels, efficiency of fixed costs)
  • we define set of KPIs crucial to monitor progress in achieving business goals
  • we analyse the company’s financing structure and recommend appropriate changes (refinancing / changes in financing sources)
  • we assess the organizational structure and recommend necessary or advisable changes (very important second line of management, transparency of the structure plus elimination of inefficiencies)
  • we design a planning and controlling system and recommend implementing a management information system. It provides input data for ongoing business management and monitoring of strategy implementation and is also a source of business info for an investor for whom the quality of information received about business and a sense of its certainty is a factor that significantly affects the final price.

If necessary, our activities are supported by a number of market experts (usually effective c-level directors of growing companies), whom we select adequately to a specific case.

After defining the value enhancement plan, we are ready to supervise its implementation, either from the level of a member of the supervisory board or as an independent advisor.


business supervision and corporate governance

Owners who are not involved in the day-to-day operations of the company, wanting to increase their knowledge of the real actual financial standing and performance of the business or suspecting dishonesty of the management board or partners, are offered a detailed overview of the current financial situation of the company and indication of misstatements, if they actually occur. In addition, the result of the review is a list of recommended actions to improve the company’s financial situation and performance along with the implementation schedule. If it is necessary to take legal action against specific persons, we precisely define the claims, the chances of their effectiveness and we implement them in court or out of court.
At the request of the owner / shareholder, we exercise corporate supervision over his company and the implementation of jointly agreed steps to improve its situation.

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